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At CLV Services, LLC, we understand that the safety of your family, home, and business is what matters most to you. You need a security company that offers professional, high-quality services and will provide protection for you and your property. We provide security services to a broad audience of residential and commercial clients. We understand that you want to secure your investments and personal belongings, so we have a range of options available to keep your property safe. We’ll find the best fit for your needs.

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With our knowledge, dedication, and experience in the security industry, we can provide you with vigilant security monitoring that will keep watch over your property. Our security systems will make your home or business more secure and stress-free. We can also install fire alarms in your building to keep you properly notified and protected against fires.

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We treat your property with the same care we would give our own homes. With our professional service and top-notch equipment, you will have everything you need to help protect what matters most. We pride ourselves on making you feel comfortable in your home or business space. Safety is a need for everyone, and we understand its importance. When you need fire alarm inspections or security installation in the Bono, AR area, contact us today to begin setups!

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